Ladies and gentlemen,

it is my pleasure to invite you to Prague in the Czech Republic for the 11th World Environmental Education Congress (WEEC) in October 2021. Prague is a great city and it offers a splendid opportunity to host the Congress in both an inspiring and enjoyable environment. However, the Czech Republic is much more than Prague. We are a green country with beautiful mountains, rivers, and forests. At the Congress, you will have a chance to visit not only the churches and streets of medieval Prague but also a little bit of our green nature.

The Czech Republic also has a long tradition of environmental education. We are very fortunate to have a considerably high number of environmental education centers offering a large variety of educational programs. Many of them decided to join us in our effort to prepare for the next Congress. As a result, the Congress is being organized by a broad coalition of organizations.

This fits well with the theme of our Congress: Building Bridges. We hope to build bridges between different approaches relevant to environmental education, as well as between experienced and young researchers. Our special focus is on building bridges between theory and practice: between the worlds of those who engage in environmental education and those who reflect and analyze it.

We invite you on board. We invite you to Prague, for the WEEC 2021.
Jan Činčera, Masaryk University

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